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Lazy Sunday

So minnehaha piped up about wanting company and a few of us, including daedala, lollardfish, buttonlass, kalikanzara and me, stopped by over the course of the afternoon to hang out, make lasagna, drink wine that wasn't from the enormous bottle, right the big stone head and so forth.

K and I made the lasagna, which gave us plenty of time to chat as we stirred and chopped and debated the various macaroni "product" available. (Threat or menace?)

The cool parts for me were: a) I was awake! I could do a spontaneous afternoon-ish thing. b) Helping to cook is fun! c) Playing my iPod over their stereo to general appreciation. (Though anyone can get too much "Step it Out Mary.")

Now I'm off to another night of sleep. (The novelty!) Tomorrow, I must prep for my first day of work. Particularly, I must check the bus schedule so that I'm sure to arrive on time.

Sunrise Always Listens--Paul Westerberg--Suicaine Gratification
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