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Introducing Monday

This is a donkey. la la la.

If you haven't already, check out Bruce and Laurel were right. Much better with sound.

Back at work after a lazily productive weekend. Got in quite a bit of baseball and movies.

Was highly disappointed in the ending, among other things, of AI, liked K-PAX and Rush Hour 2, highly recommend I Am Sam. The latter is one of the realest stories I've seen on screen and was portrayed by its actors very well.

Twins took two out of three in Philly and won the opener back at home against the ChiSox, thanks largely to a timely Torii Hunter homer. Also a big help that Corey Koskey found his bat again. Now if we could get Doug to stop popping up every other at-bat.... Also I'll have to get out to another game and pay more attention to the placement of infielders (something you can't see well on TV). It seems that every other short-stop in the league consistantly flags down ground balls up the middle that Christian Guzman misses. I know he's got good range so I'm wondering what the deal is.

All in all not a bad day. Tomorrow, people come and install a new garage door and associated opener. This will be quite spiffy as it will let Ericka get out of the house completely unassisted. (Now someone must open the garage door for her chair.)

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