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Quiet day

Took Domino into the vet to be spayed yesterday morning. While waiting to hear back, I read that pegkerr planned to have popcorn and oatmeal for lunch. Horrors! So I met her for lunch at Kieran's and we had a good chat. Covered my new job, her family's karate adventures, her career plans and the like. The ever-philanthropic poker players picked up the tab.

Domino was ready to come home from the vet after 4:00 and was a little croggly but seemed quite active for someone that just had a hunk of their guts yanked out. We're working to keep her quiet for a few weeks while she heals up, but it'll be a challenge. I've refrained from playing her favorite game, Catch the Catnip Mouse, because well, it leads to this:
Domino leaps
and this:
Domino leaps

Hard On Me--Richard Thompson
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