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Nice little night

When out with minnehaha, lollardfish, buttonlass and eileenlufkin on one of the Urban Creek's review dinners. A really quite good Thai place down in Shakopee. I was particularly pleased that the spiciness of the dishes, which as lollardfish remarked can often get overwhelming with Thai food, was right in the right range for me. The "3 stars" or "Hot" level got one's sinuses flowing but didn't overpower the other flavors of the dishes.

Another bonus of this place for me is that it is only a short distance from the local poker room. Now if I'm down playing cards, I know I can take a break and zip over for some good food (as long as it's at a reasonable hour).

Another highlight of the dinner was the rampant speculation that yours truly is, in fact, bigstonehead. I can assure you, gentle reader, that nothing is further from the truth. I'm sure my protestations will only be seen as greater evidence of my guilt.

After dinner, I zipped over to play some poker. Some ups and downs, but I ended up ahead for the night so not only was dinner cheap, it was paid for by those fine, philanthropic poker players.

Only Lie Worth Telling--Paul Westerberg--Stereo
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