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Winding down

So I heard earlier this week that I've finally secured a new job. The details are still in the works, so I'll stay somewhat circumspect here.

Since I've heard about my new job, my body has had a weird, if somewhat predictable response. First, I slept like the dead. It was as if I was all wound up with worry and the new job finally let me relax. Ericka woke me to go to work and I was disoriented for a few minutes and didn't remember any dream.

Now, all the energy my body's put into keeping me well seems to have relaxed as well and I have the symptoms of a mild cold. Stuffy. Sore throat. Fever. The good thing is that staying home and sleeping tonight seems to have cleared up at least the fever part of it. Nothing like curling up under a comforter with a kitten to help you sweat out a fever.

Now I'm finally hungry so I'll round up some food and then see if the short power outage we had earlier allowed any of the Friday night Sci-Fi to be recorded.

If You Could Read My Mind (Album Version)--Gordon Lightfoot--Rhino Hi-Five: Gordon Lightfoot - EP
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