Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Rushity, rushity

Spent a lot of time being busy today. Most of that was waiting around at the Apple store for my iBook to complete a back-up so that it could go in for repairs. (Nothing too serious, should be just a short in the cable to the monitor and the battery. Will be a flat $300 to fix, plus a new battery.) While there, I picked up an iPod nano for erickavan. Plus a set of iPod socks because I know my sweetie and she'll put the iPod in her brassiere as a handy place to hold it.

I also picked up the "family pack" of the Tiger system software release. I was going to pick up iLife '06, but they didn't have the family pack of that any longer. So I'll hold off until either my iBook comes back or the new MacBooks come out in February. 'Cause I'm currently planning on picking up one of those puppies! (Ericka will inherit the iBook.) So that'd make us a 3-Mac family. I'm wondering if maybe Ericka's old iMac (which she doesn't use anymore) would make a good little server for the household's music and such.

In other news of the excellent sort: I go in for a second interview at MHP tomorrow afternoon! This one is with the CIO. I'm simultaneously nervous and prepared. Got a haircut yesterday, suit is cleaned and pressed.

On top of that, I leave for vacation on Saturday. I'm heading out to Nevada, where my parents moved last year. I'll be out there for a week. Some local friends are helping with taking care of Brandy and Ericka while I'm away, which is always a big help and super-cool of those folks.

So tomorrow will be a busy-busy day and, since my iBook is in the shop, I'll be without my typical net.connectivity. Still, email's the most likely method of contacting me because who knows when I'll be sleeping.
Tags: ericka, mac, travel, work

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