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So our new President (or a chimp, you decide) ordered the destruction of Iraqi air defense command and control centers. The claim is that these presented "an increasingly more sophisticated threat against allied plains patrolling the no-fly zone in southern Iraq," according the

I can only wonder what the president's advisors are thinking. Maybe they watched the West Wing episode this week and decided that a successful air strike against the Iraqis would make them look better than the fictional president on that show. Or maybe they thought a ramp up of military action would spur a corresponding increase in military spending. Or maybe they just let Dubya be a little too free with his hands.

I can only be saddened and disappointed in this turn of events. When the President of the United States feels he has to get into a pissing contest with some wacko, it only diminishes his stature; even if he wins. I also think back to my friend Jonathan's essay at the time of the fall of the Soviet Union wherein he posited the Arab nations as the probable target for fulfilling the U.S. need for an enemy.
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