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Busy, busy, busy

I have a busy 24 hours coming along here.

First there was dinner with minnehaha, chirosinger, pegkerr and family. I, with my l33t ninja skilz, acquired the Popeye's chicken, three sides and dozen biscuits, carefully avoiding detection by the both the Popeye's manager (White guy, glasses, beard, at the Lake St. Popeye's at 6:30 p.m.? How hard is that to miss?) and the lying-in-wait Becca. (The secret is the drive-through.) B provided the Sal's sauce, a recipe smuggled, as near as I can tell, from his childhood, through Canada to our table. Yummy.

Now, I am at work, which is not the busiest part of these 24 hours, but is the single activity that will suck up the most time. I'm scheduled to be here for 10 hours, but we'll see how long they want to keep me around with nothing to do but post to LJ.

In the morning, I take Domino to the vet to get her checked to see how her bladder infection is responding to the treatment and to get her second round of shots if all is going well. Since she'll have to be there for a bit while they get urine, I figure I'll just be dropping her off to pick her up later.

Next on the docket is a job interview downtown with Metropolitan Health Plan (MHP) of Hennepin County. They're looking for someone to handle development of three portal sites aimed at different audiences (patients, doctors, providers). It's something that looks interesting and would likely be a big challenge for me. I don't hold out great hope of progressing far in that process, but I'll give it my best shot.

There's also an outside chance that I'll be meeting with folks from Honeywell along with the design studio where I interviewed earlier this week. If that goes well, I could be starting that job before the end of the week.

I also need to get the front tire that I busted on Jan 1 fixed, so that involves finding a tire place and letting them have the car for a bit. I might just drop it off at Manning's Service, as they're just a couple blocks from my house, do good work and are friendly guys. Would save on trying to get a ride back and forth to any sort of tire place.

And sometime in there, I'd like to get to see (the Chronic-WHAT-cles of) Narnia, but that can maybe wait for the weekend.

OBGeek: the LJ spellcheck function recognizes "l33t."
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