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New Year's Eve is my holiday. No family obligations. No big meal to prepare or clean up after. No religious overtones to observe or get grumpy about. It's even long enough after the solstice that the days are getting noticeably longer. It's all about getting together with friends and having a good time.

The change of the calendar offers the chance to reflect on the past and anticipate the future. Fresh starts and new beginnings are all the rage. People who make resolutions make them with optimism and good intentions. It doesn't matter if they'll keep them or not, because the holiday is about celebrating those positive thoughts.

Many of the traditions of the holiday and the superstitions around it are about making symbolic gestures for what one wants the rest of the year. Kiss your loved one at midnight as a promise of passion the year 'round. Toast your friends to wish them health and prosperity in the next year.

Time to have some dinner, feed the pets and finish my last-minute party preparations!

Something Wild--John Hiatt--Perfectly Good Guitar
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