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Things have been fairly stable for me these last few days. Nothing much to write about. Been watching the Twins games, have the final game of their series with the Mets on the Tivo for tomorrow. Have to resist going by their site to see how it turned out.

Hope weather is decent tomorrow. Friends have a party I plan to attend and I'd like to get out for a ride. Beastly rain didn't allow that yesterday though I did sleep well. (I think the extra darkness helps. Even though I wear a sleep mask, having less light to leak 'round it helps. And it being a bit chilly. I always sleep better when I have a nice warm place to snuggle into while it's cold.)

The team of typesetters on third shift here at work got together and brainstormed some ideas for keeping ourselves busy during this slow summer period. It'll be nice to work on some things to improve our skills and make our jobs easier while we have the time. I've volunteered to work on a way to covert our HTML-only jobs into something easy to work on in our traditional typesetting system. It'll be interesting to work on deciphering Microsoft Word's crappy HTML and seeing if anything worthwhile can be done with it.

So I feel like I'm on cruise control for now. Zipping through the broad prairies of my life, doing the things I always do. Pretty nice.

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