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Better living through chemistry

Since I woke up at the unreasonable hour of 12:30, I figured I'd get a few errands done. Ran to the library and to the video store. (Yes, Netflix is cooler, but sometimes you really need nine movies for the long holiday weekend.)

Then I went to the SuperTarget. It was time to pick up Ericka's monthly supply of meds. She'd faxed in her refills yesterday and had one of her helpers drop off two last-minute ones later in the day. Also, my anti-depressant was ordered and ready to pick up. The latter was pretty important because I'd missed the last few days. Usually, I don't worry to much about this, but was starting to notice the effects of not having it, which means that the rest of the world was probably noticing long ago.

Case in point: The guy behind the pharmacy counter was a bit dim. Cheerful, but not fully clued. Ericka's prescription order, because it is so large, isn't stored in the little bins with letters on them. They keep the two bags in the back and a note attached to them to get her insulin from the fridge. Well, the people filling the prescriptions must have figured out that since my order came in with hers, that I'd be picking them all up at the same time so my single prescription was with Ericka's. So when the guy looked for mine in the little bins, it wasn't there. He checked and it had been filled, but couldn't find it. So they went to fill it again. No problem. While I was waiting I had him check on Ericka's, as I wasn't sure they'd all be filled by now.

Turns out there was one of Ericka's in the little bin so he gave that to me. I forestalled having him ring it up until mine was filled. While waiting I called Ericka to make sure she hadn't just filled the one prescription. She assured me she had ordered her month's supply, so I asked the guy to check again. He found another bag in the little bin. It had about three bottles in it. I told him to keep looking. He said he looked through all the Js and this was a lot of prescriptions, nearly 8! I let him know there should be about 25 and that he should keep looking.

It was at this point that the pharmacist came around and pointed out the big bag in back that had all of them. It also had my prescription, which meant that I had two of them now. I corrected that mistake (though I wouldn't mind getting two month's supply for one co-pay) and reminded them to check the fridge. Paid for all and sundry and left the store.

On the way home, I realized that some of my annoyance at this guy was due to not having my meds and, therefore, not being on as even a keel. Have taken my dose now and hopefully will be able to nap the rest of the day.
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