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Boxing Day visit - Peter Hentges

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December 27th, 2005

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07:04 am - Boxing Day visit
My mom and dad have been in town since about the 22nd. They stay with my brother and sister-in-law down in Shakopee when they visit, because my brother has a big house with room for them. They are heading out on a mini-tour of the state to visit other relatives before heading back out to Mesquite, NV, where they moved earlier this year.

They stopped by Monday afternoon for a visit, to drop of their Christmas gift and to pick up the gifts for my brother's kids. Ericka has been running a fever for the last few days so we thought it best not to have the kids up with them, both to keep from possibly infecting the kids and also to keep from tiring Ericka out too much.

Good talking with my dad for a few hours. He seems quite happy with his new life as a poker semi-pro out in NV and claims to not have spent a dime of his own money since moving out there. He told great stories about taking a local aunt and uncle out for dinner or a show every now and then and letting them know that those nice poker players were paying for everything. I theorized that he was the center of an interesting gifting culture. People who had money gave that money to other people through an elaborate ritual and the benefactors of those gifts then spread the wealth to others.

I took some time off in January and will be going out to visit them for about a week. Turns out my mom needs some follow-up surgery on one of her feet and will be staying on here in the Cities to get that taken care of. She heads back on the 17th, so I may try to go out on the same flight. Or I could go out a little earlier and spend a day in Vegas with my dad. And it seems a couple of my uncles are headed out there that week, so we may hook up with them for a day or so. Plus, I want to see that local aunt and uncle. Looking like a busy week of relaxing!
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Date:December 27th, 2005 02:46 pm (UTC)
Gift economies are fascinating things, aren't they? Jerry Kaufman lent me a book on them once, which was really good.

Hugs to you and to herself.

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