Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Dream record

It seems unsurprising that after the wonder-filled night I had last night, I had a day full of the most interesting dreams today. This entry is an attempt to capture as much of them as I can and, as such, may be edited as I recall more.

The first that pops to memory was of a concert. The band was a strange amalgam of Cats Laughing, The Tim Malloys and Tramps & Hawkers. They had many special guests including fredcritter, fmsv's wife (on accordian), Neil Rest, the other members of Gallowsglas, at least some parts of Riverfolk and others. Lojo was the frontman and had the most amazing presto-chango hair. It could, and did, switch like lightning from her shocking blue spiky do to a stark white pageboy cut with naught but a flick of her head. For this concert, they included a choir of kids. At one point I counted audience members and members of the band. The audience had 45 people. I started by counting the choir of kids, some of whom where in their Cub or Boy Scout uniforms. There were 135 of them. And I hadn't even started with the voluminous band. This caused much hilarity in my dream among those of us in the meager audience.

Another dream had me writing a song for cats. Lots of cats. Like dozens of cats. There was some kind of time pressure in writing this song for without it, something bad would happend to the cats. Of course, when I'd finished, the cats revealed that, now that I had saved them, they would be eating me. I tried to stave this off by offering to write them another song, but they were pretty persistent. I next tried to point out that like Einstein's cats (because I think I couldn't spell Schrodinger in my dream) they didn't really exist until the song was sung, but were trapped in a quantum state of non-being. They didn't buy that either. I woke up before they actually started chewing on me.

In yet another dream, I was hanging out with minnehaha's son, EE. We were in a combination of a hotel and hospital. In a flashback, I saw him at the Solstice drumming thing the night before and we exchanged big hugs. In the dream present, we were looking for the basement. I got on an elevator and EE wandered away. One of the passengers and I struck up a friendly conversation as I punched the basement button. When the doors closed, the elevator, of course, went up. Everyone, including my new friend, got off. As one little boy got off, his older male companion (dad?) held his hand, keeping him from running off. Unfortunately, this resulted in the door closing on the boy's arm. It rebounded, of course, but when the elevator then proceeded to descend to take me to the basement, the door remained open, providing a view of the interior of the elevator shaft. I woke up before we reached the ground floor.
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