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I receive corollary benefits to erickavan needing to have helpers around. Tonight, for example, despite having to be awake for the dishwasher repair guy in the middle of my usual sleep-period, having one of E's helpers around at the end of the day meant that I was able to get a sufficient amount of sleep before coming to work.

Hershey makes candy-coated mini-kisses. Upon further review, these are not an acceptable substitute for milk-chocolate M&Ms. A sign of protest has been placed on the vending machine.

One of the more frustrating things about my job is waiting for other people to finish work that I feel very strongly I could do more quickly than they are. I do want these slower workers to become more skilled so that they can do better in the future. But I also want to be able to finish the job I'm working on now!

Today I purchased food for all of the household pets. I also picked up an additional food storage container (so that we avoid Darwin munching on the kitten food), a fresh bag of kitty litter, litter pan liners and a new cat toy. My theory was that, in order to continue the positive reinforcement of the new kitten, litter pan liners would make it quicker and easier to change the litter, thus keeping it clean while she's still learning. Unfortunately, the liners don't fit the pan I have for her. So now they're being used for Vegas' litter pan. I've switched to using a litter called "Yesterday's News." I like this for a few reasons. Firstly, it's made out of recycled newsprint (as the clever name suggests). Completing the recycling loop makes me feel good. The color of the litter suggests that little or no bleaching is used in its creation, so that's good too. Also, it's dynamite at absorbing liquid. Since my experience has been that my cats tend to pick a corner of the litter box in which to pee, this extra absorption means less mess when it's time to change litter.

While I'm not surprised that my President has broken the law, I'm glad to hear the story getting out in a variety of venues and hope it leads to the impeachment he deserves. It's sad that the activities of the current administration are such that affronts such as these seem to receive so little attention because, hey, they're not that bad. I think it says a lot about the prior administration that it was an act of personal infidelity uncovered late in his second term that brought down that President. If that was the worst they could come up with, you know what I mean?
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