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The days of kittens and work

Between work being, of all things, busy last night, (A chunk of people were off at a training class that I'll be taking in January, so we had about the same amount of work spread over fewer people.) and the new kitten, Domino, being overly-infatuated with the laptop, it's been hard to update. I mean, I could update with the laptop, but it would come out something like: aip[oq4e9w5gm a ador09q4utlkadk as the kitten walked over the keyboard, chasing the cursor.

Suffice to say that Domino seems to be settling in. The peeing on Ericka's bed seems to have stopped. (No accidents for two days now.) She also has taken to actively pursuing the resident cat, Vegas, in an attempt to play with and/or annoy her. There have been a few spats but this has not deterred Domino. Just before I went to work today, Vegas took the ultimate form of protest to this undesired incursion into her territory and snuck outside as I was letting the dog in. A few minutes in the cold and just-starting snow taught her the futility of this exercise so she ran back in when I was on my way out.

I'm thinking of getting out to see King Kong Wednesday evening, it being my day off. I also should see Narnia. Hmm. Perhaps it's time for another movie day. What to see for the third film? Last time I asked this question, I ended up seeing the lovely Howl's Moving Castle. So I'll open it up for suggestions another time.
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