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Nifty day

Got out and rode the route to work and back. The way to work is marked by long uphills (of fairly low grade) and short downhills. It was made difficult today by the wind in my face. I was in lower gears most of the time but not as low as I thought. My typical starting gear is #10 on my 24-speed. (I haven't actually investigated the gear ratios so I'm not precisely sure where it ranks, but it's the middle sprocket on the front and second from the inside on the back.) This is also the gear I typically go to on big hills or long climbs. Today, I spent most of the time I would be in that gear in the next higher one (by rank, the jump from 2 to 3 on the rear seems pretty big to be sequential in gear ratio). So I was feeling stronger even though I was working harder. Of course the way back, being mostly downhill and with the wind, went much smoother as well. Got up to my top gear for a bit of it; zoom zoom!

After a shower and a trip to Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest from Janet Evanovich for Ericka I swung by the video place to pick up some new releases for watching enjoyment. Got five movies (which will fit in my 5-disc changer nicely) including I Am Sam which I've heard is good and has an excellent soundtrack. Grabbed AI and The Others and then found Rush Hour 2. Ericka things Jackie Chan is cute and I've been a fan for quite a while so that will be fun. Don't recall the fifth movie; I'm horrible with names.

Settled in to watch the Twins game when I got back. Their first regular-season game against the Mets ever. The Mets picked up a lot of well-known players over the last off-season but have been struggling to stay at .500 all year. They, as the Twins, have been plagued by injury but the full lineup seems to be back for both clubs so it should be fun series.

How about that Jose Santana? Four innings of no-hit pitching. Only three hits and one earned run through six innings. He's really taken advantage of the call-up and starts that he's had. Seven strike-outs tonight, one short of his best outing.

So I'm going to look at tickets for the rest of the season tonight. See if I can't pick up a nice package of games that will give me priority for post-season play. Probably have to call them during business hours tomorrow, but I'll have fun looking around tonight.

Looking like a slow night of work. Was kind of nerve-wracking last night as I was working part of the time on a job for the company I work for. In particular, I was working on the "Risk Factors" section wherein they talk about everything that can go wrong. So it seemed to me, after an hour or two of this, that the company was teetering on the edge. Then I remembered that I read this same information about just about every company that sends work through and relaxed.

Besides, I found some good-looking listings on yesterday as well. So I sent off resumes and we'll see if I get an nibbles or interviews out of them.

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