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Approaching lunch and a hero

Half an hour until my mandatory lunch break.

Still no idea who the hero of my story is. I figure I'll start with the funeral and see who's bereaved the most.

The plot sketch: The classic faerie story is about the Winter Queen trying to expand her influence on the land by making winter last longer. I reverse that, having the Summer Queen doing the power grab. An acquaintance of our hero is involved in this somehow and is killed with the powers of the Winter Court take some action. The funeral is just the start of things and in a few more quick actions, the hero finds out who killed his friend and begins down the path of finding the killer and stopping the Winter Court. Unaware of the larger picture, the hero learns the back-story as he gets closer to the killer. At a crucial juncture, the hero learns his friend was not such a good person and changes goals, joining with his former enemy to bring down the plans of the Summer Court. This does not go as planned, of course, and the hero and his new ally barely squeak by to thwart the Summer Queen. In the end, the hero returns to his "normal" life, with a new insight into the magic of the world and the need for balance between its forces.

So I'm thinking the story starts with the death of the friend. This sets the location and immediately gets the action moving. I'm a bit worried that the first character the reader meets will be killed off quickly, but this first scene also introduces the killer who later becomes the hero's ally, so that should balance things a bit.

Now I just need to discover more about this hero of mine. I'm thinking so far that he's male. Mostly because I'm not sure I can get my head into a convincing female character. But, I must remain open to options so, like I say, we'll just start at the funeral and see what develops.
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