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Grumbles - Peter Hentges

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December 5th, 2005

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11:41 pm - Grumbles
The day started on a bad foot when I woke up to the news that the fine folks at Cargill have given the position I interviewed for to someone else. Bother.

It's cold outside. Like, negative Fahrenheit cold. Bah.

I played a game of go this afternoon in which I was doing a good job of beating myself into a draw until I beat myself into a trouncing. Grr.

My government appears to be engaged in secretly shipping its prisoners out of U.S. territory for purposes that it does not wish to disclose to me or any other citizens. This makes me very dubious of those purposes and serves to make me ashamed of my country. Bastards.

I am at work tonight. While there does appear to be actual work for once, I also have to attend a training class being put on by H.R. It is apparently about workplace violence. (Everyone on the team is hoping for pointers as to how to hide the evidence thereof.) Grumble.

The new kitten, which has been given the name "Domino," is doing fairly well, but today, for no discernible reason, peed on Ericka's bed. Drat.
Current Mood: aggravatedgrumbly

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