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Kitten report

The kitten has been certified free of feline leukemia, by the vet at the local PetSmart. They have an interesting plan where you pay a one-time "membership fee" of $100 and then pay them $12 per month. For this, you get all office visits, all routine shots and spay/neuter for free. Anything unusual that comes up you get a 10% discount on. I'm thinking that it's probably more expensive than getting everything done someplace else, but they are close, they have Saturday and Sunday hours and now I don't have to think about getting all that done. Just have to set up the appointments.

With a clean bill of health, the new kitten was allowed to explore more of the house today, to the great dismay of Vegas, the pre-existing cat. No fur flying, but we're pretty sure Vegas will be disowning us by morning.

I zipped off to MN-Stf in the afternoon, where it was good to see folks and pick up his latest CD from markiv1111. I have to remember to send $17 off to them for this lovely acquisition.

Back at the house, I found that the new kitten had made herself at home in the living room on top of the bookcase that holds the DVDs and CDs. She came and snuggled on me as I lay on the couch for a bit and then we adjourned to Ericka's room to watch a couple of movies. Vegas stayed on her perch atop Ericka for the first movie, but then left the room in a huff because we'd allowed the interloper into her presence.

Brandy, through all of this, has been blissfully unconcerned with the presence of the kitten. The kitten, for her part, is not sure what to make of the big, fluffy dog, but seems to be getting over her fear of Brandy.

For now, the kitten is snuggled safely between Ericka's feet and both and snoozing comfortably. I'll try to take pictures in the next couple of days. Kittens, though, they move quickly and are sometimes difficult to photograph.
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