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Dreamy dream

I dozed off in the middle of the night and ended up having a lovely little dream. I was at a casino with some friends. We were playing poker but I wasn't having that good of a night. So I knocked off and went to get something to eat.

At the little cafe in the casino I bumped into another friend. He was playing some kind of wheel of fortune (not the TV game show) kind of game there in the cafe. Big wheel, spin it and, if you match your ticket to the number on the wheel, you win prizes. My friend was about to turn in for the night, so he gave me this big stack of tickets. The tickets where plastic slips with information about the prize you'd win if you matched.

The game was played by putting one or more of the tickets on the top shelf of a rack in front of you while you sat at the counter and ate at the cafe. The MC spun the wheel periodically and the waitresses would collect winning tickets.

Well, I played a couple of spins while I had a piece of pie and after one round, I absentmindedly put about half the stack of tickets on the rack. The wheel spun and the MC came over to handle my tickets.

I initially tried to take back the big stack, figuring that I'd be there for a while and wanted to stretch out my playing. The MC told me that the play was final, however, which annoyed me a little. He dissembled a bit about which tickets to take first but grabbed about half my stack and started looking through them. He grabbed one ticket that was a winner. A big winner. He started saying something about how I didn't have to play them all after all and I go that this was going to cost the casino big money and that his being a dick about it moments ago was going to bite him in the ass. So I was a dick right back at him and insisted that the play go on.

Well, that one ticket won me about $300,000 and other tickets in my stack had partial matches which added on to that total. They started bringing me stacks of cash. This was taking a while and I started feeling bad for the other 15 people who were waiting to play. Also a couple of my friends dropped by and were amazed at my fortune.

As the winnings were getting sorted out a woman in a very butch suit and chestnut trench-coat stopped by to let me know that she was the security person assigned to me while my winnings were collected. The time dragged on and eventually play started again. I put one of my remaining tickets in the rack but was informed that, after such a big win, I wouldn't be allowed to pay any more. The casino would buy back my tickets at what it cost to get them in the first place. (Something like a quarter each or so.)

Well, that didn't sit well, so I sorted them out and gave them to other players. Some of the tickets came in obvious pairs or groups. For some reason I also paired these tickets with food to deliver to the players as well. A lot of cauliflower side dishes. One chicken dish. A couple of salads. Some of the tickets were for straight cash, but some were for other prizes. Like a night's stay at the casino hotel. There was one set that was a mama goat and her two kids. Other sets didn't go together naturally but I made some connections based on theme. I remember putting together some batteries with a vibrator, for example.

Well, I eventually wandered off, with wads of cash in my pockets, dreaming of how I'd spend it all. Paying off my mortgage was high on my agenda.
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