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A long, sleepy weekend and more of the same

Had a lovely, lovely lunch with both halves of minnehaha and alisgray on Saturday. Little Sushi on the Prairie does quite decent sushi, particularly for out in the burbs. (Where, I explained to K, I have often encountered the sin of the too-thin sushi cuts.) I liked the pork cutlet thing B made me try, but he said it didn't compare to the place in Japan that only does that dish. I adored the cucumber and octopus salad. The thing B got was quite mediocre with overdone noodles and no distinguishing flavor. The place ended up giving us a break on the check because of that, which was nice of them.

Afters, we chilled at chez minnehaha for a bit while they prepared for their trip to Spain this week. A fire was made to help warm poor, chilly alisgray who both lives and works in places that aren't heated for human habitation.

I returned home to get food for the dogs and for erickavan and then turned in for an over-due nap. We watched a movie sometime in the next two days and I'm sure I ate and let the dogs out and did stuff like that. But, really, all I remember is being tired all the time. Finally got all caught up on sleep today, just in time to go to work!


Or not.

At work, I've finished the 30-page job that was here when I came in and there's another 49 pages on the schedule that fredcritter is converting now. By the time he's done with it, typesetting it won't take any time at all.

So it looks like a repeat of Friday night, with long boring hours ahead. Only tonight, I do not have the delight of minnehahaK sending me off on little Internet missions to keep me occupied. What ever shall I do to amuse myself?
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