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I thought I had the inside track on picking up an Xbox 360 this morning. I get off work at 8:00, the new Super Target in Roseville opens about then. I took off from work a little early, got there right before they were going to open and saw a dozen or so folks in line. I thought I was in store for some next-generation console gaming excitement this up-coming weekend.

Oh, no, it was not meant to be. The Target folks had shown up just half an hour before and handed tickets to the people in line, turning away the 20 or so folks in line that exceeded the number of systems they had in stock. They only had 32 systems total. So much for "Super."

After that I tried over at the Best Buy. Here there was a longer line and the store hadn't started handing out numbers or turning folks away so I waited in the cold with my fellow geeks (or their moms/dads) for a while. The store manager reported they may have as many as 70 systems here! Well, it turned out they only had 53 and ran out before they got back to my position in line.

By this time, it was late enough that everyplace else I might go was also sold out. So there is no Xbox joy for me at this time. I'll have to wait for the re-stocks and see what I can scrape up.
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