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Cosmic pondering

Since headshotlaurel hasn't posted her Free Will Astrology horoscope yet, I had to dig up mine up from her link to last week's. (Geeze, Laurel, don't you know you're everyone's [well, OK, at least my] attachment to those things web-related that we find cool but can't be bothered to link to from our own web sites?)

This was a bit interesting:

ARIES (March 21-April 19)

Week of June 13, 2002

Have you had any productive fantasies about faraway places or exotic sanctuaries or mercurial X-factors lately? Have you sent any messages to freedom-fighters or remote beauties or high-flying networkers? Have you been monitoring the progress of unsung helpers or dark horses or unification specialists who are flying under the radar? If you'll notice, Aries, I'm hinting that in the near future, everything will come in threes -- except when it comes in twos, and that'll mean you should track down the missing third. As a general rule, there are no other general rules, except this: Don't make the call of the wild wait and wait and wait.

So, since I felt already something was on its way I guess this means I merely need to figure out what the other two that have arrived are.

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