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Wistful thinking

"Yearning tinged with melancholy," says I get that a lot. Mostly it's about how my life has worked in the past: when I wasn't working nights, when erickavan had a regular, reliable helper, when I had the energy and initiative for several little activities that have gone by the wayside.

I haven't played a game with my friends in years. I haven't seen one set of my friends in so long, I can't remember when I last saw them. (New Years?) I can remember the last book I read (a re-read of the Watchmen graphic novel) but not the one before that. What was the last concert I went to?

I need to take about a week's worth of vacation by the end of January. Part of me wants to hole up in my basement and not talk to anyone for a week. Or, better yet, go out into the woods for a week with nothing but the silence to keep me company. Another part wants to spend that week re-connecting with friends, throwing parties, playing games. Another part wants to use it to make new friends, check out different music, new restaurants, like that.

Of course, this necessitates picking a week, requesting the time off and getting it approved. Decisions, decisions....
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