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At work again and waiting for the forthcoming flood. We're supposed to be getting a big job in later this evening from our London office. (Making it their morning, naturally.)

Started the day on a down note watching the Twins drop their second in a row to Atlanta for the first series loss since the middle of May. Well, the Brewers are next so hopefully they'll get back on track before the White Sox come to town before the All-Star break.

After that, I was off to the regular Wednesday-night session at Kieran's. A big crowd this week, a welcome change from last week's small showing with no strong players until late. The only downside to this is that more people means more bodhran players. We take turns playing so we don't step on each other's playing so I get in less playing time for the short time I can be there. The upside is that I have my hands free to do more eating and drinking. ;)

I've been feeling lately like something is coming down the pike. Maybe it's just the nearly-ever-present thunderstorms that come across the prarie with irregularity in the early summer. A charge in the air, a wind zipping past with a smell of ozone.

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