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Why I don't like working with other people

So I lasted another 10 hours at work last night. the tendons seem to be holding up to that schedule without too much protest. I didn't have to put my braces on once.

The night started off on a bad note though. You see, with all this trouble with my wrists, I decided to take it a bit easy at work for a bit. Unfortunately, we're in one of our peak periods, so taking it easy means picking and choosing what kinds of work I will do, rather than simply doing as little work as possible.

I figured out pretty quick that doing jobs with many edits was hard on my wrists. All the moving around in the files requires extra keystrokes and those hurt. But doing the initial conversion of jobs wasn't as bad. Still a few painful tasks in there, but they were spread out and there was also a nice bit of sitting and waiting for processes to finish that gave my tendons a chance to rest.

So yesterday, one of the expeditors came and asked me if I'd do some quick edits on a job. I politely declined, saying that I'm avoiding edits work and sticking to initial conversions as much as possible. She gave me a dirty look and got someone else to do the job.

Today, I get an email from my manager in response to the expeditors email to her asking for documentation of my work restrictions. The answer was copied to HR and basically said that there isn't any documentation (because there isn't) and that if this goes on for more than a few days that I'll need a note from my doctor.

For crying out loud. Now I can't even make rational judgments about what sorts of work I should be doing or not doing. All of a sudden it's a Federal case. I'm glad I have the night off tonight; it'll give me a chance to forget about this latest little affront and also time to rest the tendons. (Speaking of which, I should stop typing and go to sleep.)
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