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Grump, with the ouch.

Well, I lasted through a full night of work last night. All 10 hours of my normal shift. My right arm is paying for it tonight, though. Thanks to the steroids, I'm surviving, but every time I stop what I'm doing to wait for something to print or some other process to finish, my first thought is "ouch."

The constant ache on the back of my wrist is under control but I think the wrist brace is making me hold my arm differently so that now my elbow and shoulder complain.

Ah, well, it isn't all that bad, I suppose. I've only got two more days worth of steroids for this course of treatment so we'll see how I feel when I'm done with that. I think I'll try sleeping without the brace this morning and see what that does.

We are having my brother's kids up for a visit early Saturday afternoon. erickavan has some activities planned for them, though I'm not sure exactly what. Then around 5-ish, I am heading over to the mnstf meeting to run the business meeting in my role as President for Life and will hopefully be able to hang out for a while and chat with folks.

I am supposedly working Sunday night (an 8-hour shift) due to it being a peak period around here. Of course, our schedule is already showing things due on Tuesday, so I don't know that they'll need me much and I think resting my wrist will be of greater benefit than hanging out waiting for work Sunday night.
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