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Well, the interview went pretty well, I think. The kind of position they are trying to fill is a project management position that would be right up my alley. Part working with the sales team to create proposals for new work, part overseeing designers and developers working on existing work. I'd be working either from home or on-site at a client's facility. They are in the process of getting Blackberries for everyone, so that would be cool. The firm is apparently well-known in the Cities for their expert in document management. So my experience with Vignette back with ADC would be a plus. The major challenge I see is that I'm not real strong on MS Project. I figure it will be easy to pick up and I could always take a quick class to get up to speed.

I was half-way looking forward to coming in to work tonight and quitting, but they are going to have another round of interviews before making a decision. I should hear something about whether or not I make that cut in about a week. I need to send thank-you email to the guy I met with today.

erickavan went out with her new helper to check out the Super Target that opened in Roseville. I'd whipped through their earlier this month, looking for I forget what. Ended up not getting whatever it was. She bought me sushi at their little deli, largely because the idea of sushi from Target twisted her little brain. (It was about as good a supermarket sushi gets, which is to say edible and tasty enough but nothing special.)

I am currently waiting, ironically enough, for the final QC on a job for Target. I'll make the final edits and get it out of here. My wrists are bothering me tonight; don't know if it's the different desk I've started my shift at the last couple of nights due to a training class in on second shift, or if we've just had more actualy typing work than normal in the shop. In any case, I'd like to get out of here and rest them up (maybe take some anti-inflammatories) but it's looking like we're busy through the morning. Hrmm.
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