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A weekend and anticipation

I had an uneventful and quiet weekend. Just the way I like them. The big even was going over (finally) to the home of laurel and kaustin and picking up the spare TV they had and were looking to get rid of. That found its way into erickavan's room today. She's amazed at the difference between the 13" TV she had there before and this 27" screen. She says a lot of the text on screen makes a lot more sense now.

I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. It's for a project management position with a web firm. Exactly what I'd like to do with the skills I currently have. I've talked with the president of the company on the phone and that seemed to go well. The one weird thing is that he describes his company as "virtual," meaning they don't have an actual office. So we're meeting at Dunn Bros. on Lyndale tomorrow afternoon. I think this means that I'd be working out of the house, which would be good. At least there will be questions a-plenty for the "do you have any questions?" phase of the interview.
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