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I miss all the fun

Seems that last night, my night off from work, quite a bit of fun was had. By fun, of course, I mean "gnashing of the teeth and heated discussion among the co-workers." Seems we are taking another step in managements Grand Lunch Scheme.

You see, a while ago, they told us that it'd be really nice if we took a lunch during our shift. Most everyone ignored the idea and kept on doing what we were doing.

Then they said, no, really, you have to take a lunch during your shift. Again, we mostly ignored them.

The third time, they said, look: if you don't take a lunch during your shift, we're going to have to Do Something.

Well, it looks like we ignored them that time too. Now they are, indeed, Doing Something.

They put out a three-page FAQ about us taking lunch. They had everyone come in and see the manager individually to schedule the half-hour block for when they will take their lunch. Skipping lunch is not a decision the worker can make (per the FAQ), only the manager can decide that. Failure to take a lunch break will be deal with as a "performance issue."

I think fredcritter had it right, didn't we graduate from kindergarten a while ago?

My main question here is, what problem existed that this is attempting to fix? Initially, I figured it for a ploy to cut our hours by 5% but they've gone out of their way to make sure everyone's schedule has been increased to 8.5 hours in order to make time for the lunch break.
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