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That time again

It's the time of the morning where things have slowed to a crawl. I'm waiting for one file of a job to get out of proofreading, then I can prepare that job for Quality Check ("QC" as we call it 'round these parts) in time for it to make it's 9:00 a.m. due time.

Of course, I could just let some first-shift person take up the duty of getting it ready for QC. That'd let me get home a bit early and get started on my day off.

I'm feeling a need to do an Autumn-related thing. Maybe I'll go rake up some of the leaves that have fallen or just sit out under a tree while they fall.

Most likely, though, I'll just drift off to sleep once I get home, the way I always do. I'll be pulled back to wakefulness at various points for one reason or another only to drift back to blissful slumber. Hopefully, I will be fully awake sometime in the late afternoon and can do a thing or two with my free time.

I'd really like to see a couple of movies that are out there, before they disappear from theaters. That always takes such precise timing though; get there when it's going to be starting. Not too early, or you just eat all your popcorn before the movie starts. Not too late, or you'll miss the previews. And, heaven forfend! not late enough that you miss any of the movie. What would be great is if the house lights dimmed when I got settled in to my seat. I suppose that's too much to ask.

Maybe I should go buy a winning lottery ticket. Then I could buy my own theater and run movies whenever I wanted.
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