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Slow, slow, slow

When I arrived at work, there were four, count them four jobs on the schedule for a total of 160 pages. I have, in the hour I have been here, completed two of them, reducing the total by 11 pages. The big job (134 pages) was largely done before I got here.

So now I merely bide my time until it will be time for me to leave. I have grocery shopping to do this evening, so that'll be a useful thing to fill my night. I've been watching movies lately, so I have a few to watch when I get home.

Speaking of movies, I ran into something while re-watching Contact last night that I really loved. Early in the film, there's a shot of young Elly on the night her father dies. She runs from his side, up the stairs, down the hall to the upstairs bathroom to get his medicine. It is all done in a single shot, no cuts evident. Yet, part-way down the hall, we imperceptibly shift perspective from looking directly at Elly as she runs toward us to looking at her reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror. It was such a brilliant piece of movie-making that I had to rewind and watch those 20 seconds or so about six times. The panic and distress of the young girl comes across very well in this POV-shifting scene. We are disoriented as viewers, as she must be as her world suddenly shifts direction. I have no idea how it was done, technically, but it was a brilliant example of how something subtle can have a dramatic impact on the audience.
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