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Hartford really chaps my ass

The mutual fund company, The Hartford, is one of my companies big clients. Every few months, they send a slew of jobs our way as mutual fund prospectuses get updated and what-not. The thing is, they are such a big client that they can dictate special requirements. So working on their jobs is different from working on anything else we do. It's to the point that the editor I use to do my work has a different appearance when I open their files!

So, while I'm excellent at doing most of what needs to be done around here, I'm baffled when it comes to the Hartfords. The procedures are different, the codes used to format the text are different, the output and proofreading processes are different. It's all just weird!

So I get cranky whenever I end up having to work on these jobs because I'll get halfway into one and then find something that is totally out of my league. And more times that not, the answer to my problem is different than any similar problem that I've run into before. (I even suspect the answer would be different depending on who I asked.)

Thankfully, the latest batch of their work sounds like it is coming to a close. They're asking for folks to come in on this weekend to help out with a bunch of work due Monday but that looks like it'll be the last of the big dumps for this time 'round. (I'll not be coming in this weekend, I've got far too much to do!)
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