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Weekend and work

Saturday I got out to see Tramps and Hawkers at Kierans. Was a bit mystified when I arrived shortly before 9:00 p.m. to see a duo including a harp player on the stage. Were the guys in the back room? Were they to be outside?

The duo mentioned that they'd be doing a set of reels, taking a break and coming back for another set. Weird. They also mentioned, though, that a four-piece would be taking over after that, so my fears were assuaged.

I had a lovely corned-beef sandwich and a pint in the meantime. laurel and kaustin popped in after I'd eaten and joined me. If I'd been reading email and such before I left the house, I'd have known they were coming and we could have eaten together, but, oh well, I watched them eat while the band we'd all come to see was getting set up.

mizzlaurajean and davidschroth stopped by briefly but sat elsewhere. I'm always confused when my friends don't get along. Maybe because I can't think of anyone that I might run into socially with whom I don't get along.

Ah, well, the music was good and I ended up staying until the end of it. With hugs all 'round and hopes to see more of the folks in the band soon.

Sunday was a good day to be lazy, with on-and-off rain and nothing too pressing on the schedule. I got caught up on some TiVo and had plenty of rest.

Tonight has been a sporadically busy night of work. Nothing too pressing on the schedule, but urgent things keep dropping in unexpectedly. It doesn't help that some of the folks that are starting work with our new tool aren't remembering all of the things they need to do with it, so we end up patching up the jobs at the end to take care of the things they've missed. They'll get better with feedback and practice, though, so it shouldn't be a continuing problem.

No new leads on a better job. I'm still working on defining my ideal job.

The film project hasn't progressed, but I've found some very cool sites for the learning of film making and the making of film-related stuff. Still jazzed about the idea.

I still have this room-night at a local casino to use up. I think it expires at the end of September. So I'm going to check that and call them today to see about using it on Wednesday this week. Have a bit of a get-away in the middle of the week; could be nice.
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