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Link & Revalue

Zipped down to the Sheraton (I think it's time we stopped calling it a Radisson, but it's still tempting) to pick up tickets for tomorrow's wedding/Twins game and to help minnehahaK make up the cards for our card section. Fun putting those together and chatting with K and Doug and the happy couple. Some hilarity that ensued: As the various letters for "Congratulations Laurel & Kevin" were laid out on the floor and drying, everyone wandering by would try to pronounce them in their non-arranged order. K's usual response, "I'm a little worried about my spelling..." The word of the day: "Cnorg!!" Suggestions for how to use the backs of the cards: Spell out "Yngvi is a louse!", "jonsinger says hi!" or "jonsinger says, here, smell this."

And we weren't even drinking.

Then, the ultimate idea: Internet Anagram Server.

The title of this post is an anagram of "Laurel & Kevin." Other options include "Krill Avenue," "Linker Value," "Lunker Alive" and "Klein Valuer." (If one throws in "congratulations," the anagrammatic possibilities are astounding.)

I've had some sleep this evening and will likely grab a nap before sunrise. I'll be at the Dome at 8:30 to hand out tickets to the stragglers. Wedding is looking to be sometime after 10:00, game time 11:10.
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