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Good rub

Our friend David came over and gave me a massage yesterday. Wow, was that a good thing to do! I've had this nagging feverish thing since Monday and also had a strained muscle in my shoulder for about a month. After getting massaged, I slept all of last night and a good part of this morning. I noticed as I drifted off to sleep last night that my sinuses were empty, something that hasn't been true in a good long time. I also had no pain in my shoulder and with all my other muscles relaxed I had a good, long sleep.

If anyone needs such help, I'm happy to pass on David's contact information. He's worth every penny he charges (which isn't too much, but I don't know his rates off the top of my head). He has some of the best hands in the business.

Today, I get to go off and get evaluated by a Nurse Practitioner to make sure I'm OK to return to work. My HR rep wants me to fax such professional reassurance to her before I show up tonight and also wants to meet with me on Tuesday morning. Honestly, I've never seen such weird policy any place I've worked before, but I'll jump through their hoops if I need to. I'll also let them know I'm looking for other work because this third shift just isn't working for me.
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