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Busy little friends

Seems everyone on the friends list was posting over the weekend while I wasn't watching. That'll learn me to be for a couple of days. Spent a chunk of time here at work catching up with everyone's lives. Kinda nice having a way to check in and make sure people are O.K. (And makes me fret a little for those that don't post as often; but just a little as I'm not a worrying type and figure folks must be off having fun.)

Got out and rode the route to work today. Wanted to meet up with a couple of friends to ride around Como lake but one of them sprained his ankle so missed out. I'm hoping to get into a better routine of riding so that I get in at least a little five days a week for a couple of weeks. Current plan is to get up, ride, feed beasties and Ericka, catch some TV, go to work. Once I'm in decent shape and have all the necessary equipment (need panniers at this point) I'll be ready to be a full-time commuter.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking off work to go watch The Tim Malloys record a live show at the Half Time Rec for their forthcoming album. They'll be doing another live gig in two weeks but I'll probably give that one a miss as I'm not really long on vacation time at work.

I also need to pump my friends for information about attending the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I've been wanting to go for years but haven't got around to it. I've given work advance warning that I'll be wanting that time off and I'll be working during my normal summer convention break in August. So this year for sure! (Hopefully.)

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