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Bleargh goes the night

Yesterday evening started out pleasantly enough. Ericka and I watched Princess Mononoke, a film I like a lot. We finished about 8:00 p.m., about an hour before I usually get started getting ready for work. I decided to take a bit of a nap before work rather than staying awake and puttering about the house idly.

Well, I was awake 15 minutes later in a cold sweat. Checked my temp and it was in the normal range. Every time I curled up in blankets, though, I would get clammy. I eventually ended up calling in to work, saying I had a fever. (Not strictly true, I think, but about as close as I could get without seeing a doctor.)

So this is another day of work missed due to some random illness. Even more evidence that I'm not cut out for this kind of schedule. I've had some calls from head-hunters this week and indicated that I'm ready for a new gig any time. No word back from any of those, but I find it interesting that they have called out of the blue only shortly after I committed myself to finding something new to do with my life.

Some sleep is on the schedule now, so I better get to it.
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