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The Bees!

How could I have forgotten the bees!?

One of the themes of the party organized in the previously mentioned dream was bees. minnehaha K had many different-sized jars of orange-blossom honey and there was an inordinately large number of stuffed-animal bees. Smiling, stuffed bees tucked in corners and set in humorous juxtapositions on every horizontal surface. Kurt was required to wear a bee t-shirt because he wouldn't be playing in the music circle (or so it was assumed, though I don't know why).

In way of explanation, I offer that I have been more observant of bees since my prairie started flowering this Spring. Early on, I counted no fewer than four different species of bees and have spotted a few others on my morning inspections of the state of the prairie. And that's not to mention the wasps or other visitors to the local nectar bar.
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