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I've started reading The Pathfinder and have dedicated myself to creating the life I want to live.

I post this here because I want to make this promise to myself a bit more real. You all now have permission to ask me at random times, "How's that thing going?" This will help keep me on track so thanks in advance.

The thing I'm liking about the approach to this issue that the author takes is that he doesn't try to lead you to a big decision. I'm not going to wake up tomorrow, quit my job and throw myself into real estate speculation. Instead, he breaks down the process into nice little chunks and gets you to define what you want in those chunks. Then the chunks build up until you have a big picture of what you're shooting for.

This will be a long-term project, so I'll be scraping along in my current job for another three to six months, I'm guessing, just to keep the bills paid and like that. I'm keeping feelers out for better jobs because I am convinced that three years on the night shift have negatively impacted my health and my relationships. Just getting that part taken care of will be a big step forward.
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