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Update with a BANG!

So early this morning a guy showed up and banged on the back door. Seems he had the roll-off dumpster for the re-roofing we're having done to drop off and wanted to know where to put it. We figured for a bit and ended up dropping it in the driveway a bit back from the garage so erickavan can get to her van if she needs to. I figured this was a good sign that the re-roofing for which we have contracted local contractor Sela would begin sometime this week.

About noon today I was awakened by quite loud banging emanating from the roof. Seems a band of Mexicans had showed up and were ripping the shingles off the roof. I kind of hoped they were employed by Sela but they were doing what needed to be done, so I didn't check too closely. I was informed that said banging had been going on for a couple of hours before I awoke, a testament to how deeply I sleep.

The banging continued, with short interruptions until about 6:00 p.m. By that time, they had removed the shingles from the back half of my house and the north and south quarters thereof. They also got a good start on getting the new shingles on those portions. (I saw they had the north quarter finished but don't know how far they got on the rest because I didn't get out to look upon it until after dark.)

So, if everything goes as well as it did today, we'll have new shingles by the end of the day tomorrow. We're getting new gutters as well and, perhaps, new sofits. I'm supposed to get a quote for the new sofits but haven't seen that yet.

All the banging upsets our poor dog far more than I thought it would. She ended up spending a chunk of the afternoon in the basement. This is where she likes to go when there are thunderstorms (though with her stiff joints she has trouble getting back up the stairs so we try to prevent her).

The dog and cat go to the vet tomorrow. Brandy for a follow-up on the weird thing she had going last week and Vegas, the cat, for routine shots. Maybe this will mean Brandy misses most of the worst of the banging.
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