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I could get used to this not working

I took Friday off work because of the vet stuff with Brandy. Saturday and Sunday I normally have off. I'd originally planned to go to the casino/resort for which I have a free room night on this weekend and so took Monday off too, to make a long weekend of it. Since I normally have Wednesdays off, it seemed silly to go in on Tuesday only to be off again on Wednesday, so I swapped and took Tuesday off. That's five days without work. I like it!

Of course, I get back in tonight and there's nothing to do. There was a short document that needed my help when I got in and then two files worth of edits. Soon, there will be about two more files of fresh data on a new job. Then nothing until Friday. Sigh. I like not working a lot better when I'm doing it at home.

The MN State Fair starts up this week and, because my work is near the fairgrounds, this means a minor shift in my routine. Mostly just a different route to and from work.

I applied for a different job at work today, we'll see what comes of that. I'm keeping an eye out for other work, too.

Time to do more brainstorming about what sorts of things I could get paid for.
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