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Pup update

Brandy was feeling off yesterday. She was not her usual sweet self and snapped at the cat a couple of times. Now, the cat was being a bit of a pain but Brandy usually takes that in stride. She also had loose stools and was lethargic. This has been going on off and on for a couple of weeks. So I took her into the vet. Our regular vet was booked up so we went to the U's animal hospital. They were very nice and treated Brandy well.

The diagnosis was acute gastroenteritis. So that means no food yesterday for her and then bland food for her today and then back to her regular food over the next week.

The x-rays seemed to show her liver was a little swollen but the radiologist is going to review them today. They also took blood and urine from her and will report back on those tests today.

She seems back to her regular self today and I'm wondering if it's just a combination of something she ate that she wasn't supposed to and the stress of having the other dogs around for three days this week instead of one. In any case, we're relieved she's doing better.
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