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The week of dog days

Usually, the dogs of our friends Joe and Dava come over on Wednesday. They get dropped off in the morning and return home in the evening. This makes my day off filled with all kinds of dog antics from the playful romping of the clueless Darwin to the neurotic pacing of Lucy. This week, Joe is off at Gen Con, the big annual gaming convention in Indianapolis. He took their two boys (both under 6) to Chicago to leave them with their grandparents. This leaves Dava alone at home, something she is finding relaxing. Unfortunately, it also means there's no one to come home and let the dogs out in the middle of the day as Dava works on the other side of Minneapolis from her home.

So we get the dogs Thursday and Friday as well. It's dog fun all the time! There's barking and sleeping and barking and going outside and barking and fighting over toys and treats and barking and more sleeping. They have a great time. And I, despite how it may sound, love it. It's particularly good if the dogs can get worn out and I can get a big lump of a Darwin to sleep with.

It's looking like work is going to continue to be slow this week, so we'll see how much actual work gets done and how much time I have to prep myself for the dogs.
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