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That was odd

Had a hypoglycemic episode about two hours ago. Felt kinda dizzy, a little shaky and I got all clammy and sweaty for no good reason. Checked my blood pressure and it was a little low. Checked my blood sugar (seeing as erickavan has all the diabetic tools) and it was 65; definitely low. So a candy bar, a couple of brownies and a couple of sandwiches later, I'm back up to 112 and feeling a lot better. We'll have another check in an hour or so, just to be sure.

No idea what caused this. I had breakfast at my regular time. I wonder if some of the difficulties I've had lately can be tied to this? Well, at least I've got something objective that I can check on if I'm feeling odd now, and something direct I can do about it. So that's a bit reassuring.
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