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Financial responsibility

I took the check from the mortgage refinancing to the Credit Union today, as planned. With it, I opened a money market account, which is basically a savings account that earns me interest as long as I have over $2,500 dollars in it (which I now do). Then I took a chunk of that money that is about equivalent to a month's worth of mortgage and escrow payment and put it into a 3-month certificate of deposit.

The CD will automatically roll over into itself unless I tell them to do differently. The plan is to start a new one next month and then a third the following month. I totally lucked into the good timing with this one: it will mature at the end of the month three months from now. So if I don't have the mortgage money for any reason, the CD will show up, ready to be plundered, in the nick of time. No chance for sucking the money out early then having it frittered away on other bills and frivolities before the mortgage gets paid.

When the time comes to use some of the money in the money market account to pay for things like the roof and the car and the other priorities erickavan and I set, it will be a simple matter of transferring the money to my checking account and writing the necessary checks.

I celebrated by buying myself lunch.
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