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Morning musings

The swallowtail butterfly was fluttering by the prairie again yesterday morning. Hopefully, it'll be hanging around for a while and/or will tell its friends that there's good eats to be had. When I took Brandy outside before heading to work in the evening, there was a bat fluttering along the street just north of my house. There's a streetlight there and I'd guess that it attracted food for the bat. Though the bat didn't seem to spend much time near the streetlight, it was swooping over the main part of the street. Before the dog and I headed inside, a second bat had joined it in its swoopings. It's probably time to build a bat-house.

This morning I'll be going off to the clinic for the follow-up to my Hepatitis A vaccination that I received before my trip to India in March. To get the full effect of the vaccination, you need a second shot some months after the first.

After that, I plan to drop by Target and pick up the prescription waiting there for me and then take the check from the refinancing over to the credit union. The check arrived Wednesday but my schedule kept me asleep during normal banking hours and it's of a size that I don't particularly want to deposit it at an ATM. Plus, I'd like to talk to someone about what I can do with the money in terms of making it earn more for me and still be relatively available.

erickavan and I have prioritized the things to spend money on and one of them is three months worth of mortgage payments in short-term savings. I'd like to eventually build that up to six month's worth but that'll take some time.

Other important things to spend money on include our roof. It's been needing replacing for a few years now, so getting it done is one of those spend money now so you don't have to spend more later things. Also of that sort is some repairs to the car that haven't been critical but will be nice to get taken care of.

It's nice to have this little cushion to draw on. I spent a chunk of time yesterday paying off various bills. Sent the checks made out to the credit card companies off to them. (All but one that I'll need to get an address for and then it's off.) There's a few other bills I need to pay but should be able to do those on-line. It's a big stress relief to not have to worry about those.

So after the morning errands, I have a couple of Twins games to catch up on today and then work tonight. Party for socializing on Saturday night and I may be able to borrow a friend's electric mower to try out on Sunday. Still need to use that free night at the casino hotel one of these days.
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