Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges


It being a reasonable 60-something degrees today, I figured it would be a good day to finally get the lawn mowed. It's been, what? three weeks of sun-stroke inducing weather and/or rain that's kept me from getting it mowed. I wouldn't mind the heat so much if I could actually get out and mow the lawn in the morning. With my wacky third-shift schedule, though, that's precisely when I am most sleepy. Mowing while sleep-walking: not recommended.

So I get out the mower and get started on the back yard. This is the portion that has been neglected longest, so it seemed the best place to start. I got through about 4/5 of it when the mower pooped out. It just seemed like it was getting tired and then finally said, "F*ck it!" and quit. I let it sit for a while and dug out the string trimmer in order to do some more bits. After sitting for that bit, it started back up, got through one pass the length of the lawn and again pooped out.


At this point, I'm thinking of just taking a few hundred bucks of the money from the refinancing and getting an electric mower. We'll see.
Tags: idiocy

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