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Between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. today, Ericka and I went down to the title office and signed a bunch of papers. Their upshot being that one big debt and lots of little debts are now lumped into one big debt (at a much better interest rate) and we have a nice chunk of cash. Or will, once the "OMG, what have I done!?" period has expired and the checks are mailed to us.

We have a nice little list of things the money can go for. Probably enough that it adds up to more than we'll have. But we'll have enough to take care of some very important things and make a good start on other important things.

In talking with our loan agent, we discovered he's a proto-fan. (Likes various media SF but has never been to a convention.) So that was kinda cool and made the process a lot less stressful on Ericka.

Me, I'm used to seeing documents like I had to sign in my work. We often have to set business leases and the like that have very similar provisions to a mortgage. So all the legalese and the various clauses looked familiar. Plus, I don't get freaked out about much of anything.

Nice to have this process finished off and to have a month's break from the mortgage payment. (The new loan payments start September 1.) It will also be nice to have a little more breathing room each month.
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