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Slow night, steamy day

It was a lovely morning at 6:00 a.m. I took the dog out to survey the prairie. The cupplants are blooming, the rattlesnake master is blooming, the purple coneflower is blooming and, boy, howdy, the bergamot is blooming. I took pictures the other day and will have to get them posted.

As soon as the sun was over the trees, though, it turned steamy. I live in air-conditioned comfort, thanks to Ericka's need to keep breathing, so it didn't have a huge impact on me. I did, however, have a few errands to run today. First off was a haircut.

Now, mind you, I'm still learning this haircut thing. It wasn't all that long ago that I got the 20+ inches of braid lopped off and I think I've had a total of five haircuts since then. This time 'round, I'd gotten frustrated with my hair flopping in my face as I bend over to pull weeds in the morning. My initial thought was to have it all cut to 1" long. Why 1"? Because it would be a quantifiable number. I could determine if I liked having my hair cut at 1" long and could go back to a stylist and say, "do that." The stylist at the Great Clips, however, thought that 1" was too short, me not being a crew-cut kind of guy. So we went with 2". Still quantifiable, short enough to keep things out of my eyes but a little less severe. I also had her trim my beard, which had grown to unmanageable lengths, down to the point that I'd have an easy time shaving it when I got home.

I kind of like the results. I have this cute little curl at the top of my forehead now. Ericka thinks that I look a bit like jtidball and I think I look a bit like my friend Nate Nolan. Again, pictures to come.

After my haircut, I caught the first showing of the Fantastic Four movie. I remember liking the comic as a kid but the movie left me flat. I didn't have as much of a problem with the Dr. Doom character that some of my friends had because, honestly, I wasn't ever that much of a comic geek and so couldn't tell you for certain where the movie deviated from the comics. I thought the obligatory Stan Lee cameo was handled well and I thought that the Thing's story was handled well. Overall, however, it seemed that the movie never really got anywhere. The crisis that spurs Doom's transformation failed to engage me at all and the subsequent action never really got to be that exciting. Overall, just a big blah of a movie. I thought the best scene was Mr. Fantastic restraining the Thing. It seemed to be exactly the kind of thing I remember seeing in the comics.

Got home, took a shower to get the little bits of hair off me, shaved and then slept pretty darn well. Got to work tonight, though, and there were only three jobs on the schedule. One was an ASAP job that was on the schedule just in case any additional work on it came in. One was a second ASAP job that was in process. I worked one file of this and then it, too, was up to date. And then there was one job that was 21 pages of edits. I did those and it is now in proofreading. Apart from that, nothing to do. So we'll have to find something to amuse ourselves tonight.
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